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Buy Weed Online In Canada

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The new practice of sending bud by mail has been creating positive effects federally. Canada Post has been in hot water as mail revenue decreases 5% yearly; the Crown Corporation has been seeking new sources of revenue.

As always, the federal government as a whole is also looking for revenue as the economy slows. One such revenue source could be the ever-expanding venture of mail order marijuana and bud mail.

The mail order marijuana and bud mail market has been valued at as much as $7 billion dollars per year. As bud becomes more legalized, this bud revenue will be taxed, therefore producing even more value for the federal government.

The government has speculated this new tax revenue could be used as funding for addiction treatment and education.

The Canada Post will likely be the key distributor of mail order marijuana and bud delivery once it is completely legalized. Canada Post already has a page set up detailing how to send bud through the mail for those using it with a license.

The page is quite detailed, citing how one should not label packages indicating what is inside, as well as keep said packages vacuum sealed.

Some representatives argue that a system for sending legalized bud could take years to construct. However, a mail order system for wine delivery where age is verified by the recipient is already in place.

It has been suggested this system can be used for age and identity verification when sending legalized bud to a buddy.

Regardless, Canada Post should start working on a mail order bud-friendly system soon. Complete legalization of bud is just around the corner; it is only a matter of when this bud legalization will take place so that you and a buddy can start to buy weed online.

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